Four rules on how to get a flat belly

Oct 10th, 2013

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Four rules on how to get a flat belly

It is important to exercise, especially when it’s about losing weight from the region of the abdomen but to achieve the best results we should also pay great attention to what we eat. This is what Dr . Melina Jampolis who is a nutritionist doctor that specializes in the field called nutrition counseling, has said. Bellow weprovide some rules to show you how to lose inches off your belly and at the same time gain energy and feel healthy.

Rule 1

Try to eat about 1,500 calories per day which means three meals of 400 calories and two snacks of 150 calories. To balance your diet you should also consume very low amounts of fat which is less than 30% of the approximate number of daily calories, moderate carbonhydrates at about 40 to 50% and a healthy amount of protein at about 20 to 25%. Add another snack of 100 to 150 calories if you’re taller than 1.70 and active.

Rule 2

Add a form of protein to each meal or snack you have. It doesn’t matter if it is lean meat or poultry or low fat dairy or vegetable protein sources such as nuts and beans. Protein is something very important for building muscle and will also assist your body to feel more satiated. Also include small amounts of fat with every meal or snack in order to improve the absorption of fat, soluble vitamins and reduce the amount of carbohydrates such as white rice, bread, pasta and sweets, candies and cookies. Simultaneously, what can help to remove or lessen belly fat is to eat whole grains in medium amounts such as 3 times a day.

Rule 3

Try to have less than 2.300 mg of sodium in your everyday diet. Avoid packaged and canned foods as much as possible. Prefer foods low in sodium such as broths, soups and meat. When cooking, use herbs and spices to avoid salt. Finally, avoid packaged and processed foods. The less we eat of them, the better!

Rule 4

Drink a lot of liquids and mainly water! Try to drink more than 8 glasses a day. Keep a bottle of water at your desk or on the way to help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

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