Healthy tips for a successful diet

Oct 30th, 2013

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Healthy tips for a successful diet

It is important before starting a diet for weight loss to know some things, so that there are no adverse effects on our body. Many times we choose extreme diets that promise quick results but basically all you do is harming the body and your health. Below you will read some useful tips on how to get the results you want in a hygienic manner.

Health and Diet

Health and Diet

Drink water!

For a healthy body and a healthy appearance the correct daily intake of water is very important. Around seven to eight glasses of water is enough to have beautiful, luminous skin, to avoid water retention and cellulite. Do not forget that health and beauty starts from the inside!

Do not stay hungry.

Sometimes hunger is a feeling that one can hardly ignore. Eating once a day leads to overeating. Choose to eat some light snacks in between meals such as fruit, cereal bars, nuts in small quantity and unsalted.

Eat properly after exercising.

It makes perfect sense that after one hour of working out your appetite will increase. But if you follow a good workout process you should eat right before and after that. Meals containing carbohydrates should be consumed before you exercise because they fill you with energy and you need alot of protein after you finish.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

The stomach is like a fist.

Do not forget that our stomach is the size of a fist, and this means that even when the feeling of hunger is really intense consuming more quantity of food is unnecessery.

Eat fruits and vegetables every day.

The daily intake of fruits and vegetables fills us with valuable vitamins for the body, it fills us with energy and achieves the smooth functioning of the intestinal system. Choose healthy snacks of vegetables or fresh fruit desserts combined with low fat yogurt for pleasure without guilt.

By Nicole P.

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