My name is Paris Mitropoulos and I was born in 1987 and raised in Athens, Greece, where I reside. After high school I studied in the Merchant Navy in Aspropyrgos and this was the beginning of my career in Merchant Navy. I made three trips abroad and in the last trip I had the rank of second officer (Captain 3rd).

Paris Mitropoulos


From an early age I had an inclination towards the gym and sports. I was involved in many sports including football, basketball, swimming, etc., but my love for weightlifting did not take long to manifest. From the age of 15 I started training at the Peace and Friendship Stadium (SEF) with my trainer, World Champion, Ms.. Marina Drakotou. Three months later in my first competition I conquered my first medal (2nd place in Cat 77 kg) and this was the start to a successful career in weightlifting. My dream was to join the National Team of weightlifting which would come after a hard workout and zeal for the sport. I also participated in the 2004 Olympics and took part in a Weightlifting “test event”. After I joined the National Team I took part in two events handpicked from all over Greece. In other competitions I took part in I won first place 4 times in Athens, 2 times 2nd place in Athens, 2 times third place in Athens and finally 3rd place in the National Junior Championship. As I dealt with Boxing I figured that aerobic exercise is important for our body  and essential for the heart and so I started running but at the same time continuing the physical exercise.


Because of the interest and of my love for gymnastics and sport I was always looking for new ways to workout. So I discovered the “Pilates” which helps to control all the muscles of the body without the support of fitness. Without a second thought I decided to try this kind of fitness and the results were astonishing. With the help of the A.F. Studies seminars I attended on my expertise to this new kind of fitness I gained a professional diploma for “Pilates”.

Personal and Weight Trainer, Fight Bo and Kettlebell

After earning my diploma in Pilates I decided to expand my knowledge in the field of fitness. So I started seminar programs for Personal and Weight Trainer, Fight Bo and Kettlebell in AF Studies. After much time and effort I managed to add 3 more diplomas in my “portfolio”.