Aqua Pilates | Stay in shape during your summer holidays

Jun 6th, 2014

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Aqua Pilates | Stay in shape during your summer holidays

Aqua pilates is a new discipline that originates from the now well-known Pilates. The activity is carried out in-water with the water reaching at least the shoulder height and with a temperature of around 30 degrees. The exercises, which are easy to perform, help breathing, keep your skin toned, stretch the muscles of the upper and lower body and relax the nervous system. Aqua pilates can also be carried out in the sea so you can stay in shape during your summer holidays without having to worry about going to the gym. What are you waiting to start?

The first exercise to learn to stay in shape with the aqua pilates is one that has to do with breathing!
Doing it correctly, you stretch the abdominal muscles, allowing you to get a flat and toned stomach. Moreover, the mere fact of making the specific exercise in the water allows you to receive a continuous micromassage all over your body that will help your circulation that suffers due to a sedentary or underactive way of life.

It's much better in the water

It’s much better in the water

It starts in a standing position with your feet open at shoulders-width and your hands on your abdomen:
1. Inhale deeply through your nose, holding the air in your lungs and contracting your abdominal muscles;
2. Exhale while keeping the abdomen contracted as if an imaginary line goes in your belly button to exit behind your back.
Repeat 20 times for 3 sets.

Once you have warmed up your diaphragm, you can proceed to the second exercise for toning and having nice and firm legs.
The starting position is always the same: standing, legs opened in a parallel line with that of the shoulders.

1. Move your right leg while keeping the quadriceps contracted and do 15 circles clockwise and 15 counterclockwise.
2. Repeat the exercise with your left leg.

NOTE: The instep should always be well relaxed!
Make 30 repetitions, 3 times with both legs.

Keep it tight and contracted

Keep it tight and contracted

After you have toned your abdomen and legs, the next thing to do is a simple exercise for your arms.
Your starting position is upright, standing with your legs apart on shoulder-width and your knees slightly bent.
Your arms should be at your sides and palms tightly closed and facing up:

1. Push your arms stretched upwards and stop just below the surface of the water;
2. Then turn your palms down and return to the starting position by pushing the water all the way there.
Repeat 15 times for 3 sets.

These simple aqua pilates exercises will help you keep your body toned throughout your holidays without having to worry about carrying any equipment with you. Tip: remember that once you perform them, your body will look better when you get out of the water.

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