Fight Bo

The round of the world has made a new cardio workout program with great success, Fight Bo. It is inspired by martial arts such as Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Karate while combining music and exercise. The Fight Bo designed by Billy Blanks to be based on easy and fast cardiorespiratory improvement and the development of muscular strength and flexibility of the body safely.

Fight Bo - Paris Mitropoulos

Fight Bo – Paris Mitropoulos

The reasons that make Fight Bo so popular are:

1. It’s for everyone regardless of age and fitness level.
2. The movements are quite easier than other group programs.
3. The intensity can be controlled and in a short time get the desired results for endurance, strength and flexibility.

With this method of exercise one can also increase aerobic capacity by about 5% to 25% depending on the training intensity, duration and frequency. The intensity of a workout may be increased by 50% or more in the frequency range from 3 to 5 times a week and the duration of 15 minutes to 60 minutes of training.

What a lesson of Fight Bo can offer you:

1. Social benefits such as removal from the problems of everyday life, positive experiences within groups, combating stress and improving mood through movement.
2. Operational benefits like improving the resistance of cardiocirculatory system, increase muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, good muscle growth, improved dexterity and prevent various diseases such as back pain, varicose veins, and Cardio problems.
3. Aesthetic benefits such as slimmer, more shapely, firmer and stronger body due to fat burning and aerobic exercise.