Find solutions to everyday problems through fitness

Dec 22nd, 2013

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Find solutions to everyday problems through fitness

For those who claim that exercise is a way of life, it is true. In our daily lives, young people and adults, often face problems related to anxiety, insomnia, body aches and intense sensation of hunger. Through fitness except weight loss, fat burning and muscle building we achieve our mental tranquility. Below we will analyze some of the most common problems that plague the majority of people and how gymnastics can provide solutions.

Anxiety and Stress

It is scientifically proven that the most appropriate form of exercise to combat stress is aerobics. Half an hour of aerobic exercise 2-3 times a week, helps to release hormones which are responsible for the stable operation of disposal. It has been observed that people who systematically prefer aerobics are less likely to experience symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.


Surveys have shown that people who exercise have no problem with sleeping, since through this, sleep is an easy task without interruptions in the night and with reduced chances of developing sleep disorders in the future.



Body aches

As the years pass, the body’s muscles are weakened, leading to feel pains in several spots, especially in the spine which supports the largest part of our body. Select the gym as the best solution since through this the muscles of the abdomen, spine and waist strengthen, resulting the pain.


The feeling of hunger is often difficult to fight without eating something. But have you ever tried the time that the fridge is calling you to exercise? Yet, this is the solution! When we are hungry we feel strongly that our brain is seaking for dopamine, a hormone which is scientifically proven that can be covered either through food or through fitness.

By Nicole P.

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